Well I did it. I invented the "Han Solo" of the Sublight universe. Her name is Summer, and she is a child star / folk singer/ and heiress to the Yisned industries dynasty. Seeking to duck out on a life of learning the family business from behind a desk, she elected to learn the fine art of business management by stealing one of her father's ships and working as a pirate/smuggler.

Of course, as a clueless heiress, she picked the shiniest vessel in the air dock. A hot-rod vessel that was originally built for a movie shoot: The Calypso. Model File for my Spacecraft design tool.

The Calypso was made for a pirate movie several years ago. The Yisned company keeps it running and up to date for executive cruises. But most of it's interior is built for staging dramatic shots, not realistically carrying cargo. I designed the vessel to mimic/lampoon a certain YT-1300 stock light freighter.

I'm still working out the visuals, but so far in the story the layout is all steam-punky, with brass and wood inlays. In the movie it was the ship used by the famous Captain Nemo in 20,000 Leagues under the Sea. But adapted to space. With a Donatelo DiLeonardo as the titular Captain Nemo. (Summer, the "pirate" played the precocious cabin girl.)

The concept is to show that only a trust fund kid could afford to keep a vessel like this operating. She has a "crew" that doubles as the backup band for her folk music performances. The vessel has a pathetically small 100 metric tons of cargo capacity. It has to carry something extremely lucrative (i.e. probably illegal) to justify the fuel costs for the relatively giant engines on the craft.

It has a fairly substantial (and luxurious) accommodation area. Many compartments are still made up from the movie.

Upon taking over the vessel Summer changes the name to the Star Buck. Partly to celebrate capitalism. Partly because I'm setting Summer and her crew up to be a lampoon of Moby dick. Summer's first officer is a cyborg with a prosthetic leg, Baha. Their secretive passenger looking to get clear across the Solar System (no questions asked) is travelling under the alias of Qui Kweg.

Summer's goal is to show her father than she can manage to be independent. But time and time again she ends up cashing in on privilege to get out of situations. (Not the least of which is that her father actually signed the vessel over to her. If he had reported it as stolen, she would never have gotten in and out of so many ports.)