Auditors are commissioned by the DIA/T to sort out discrepancies between the DIA/T's analytical models and the behavior actually observed.

Between three and twelve Auditors are selected randomly, and they serve as a Jury until the matter is resolved to the satisfaction if the DIA/T(s). The ELF class serve as an intercession between the human crew and the DIA/T, and cannot serve on a Jury unless they have retired from active service.

Some matters require long term study, and it not unheard of for an Auditor to serve for decades on a single matter. Depending on the issue, this could simply require a few minutes of time per week to monitor an experiment. On the opposite extreme, conducting the audit could be a full time occupation.

After a matter is decided, it is the job of the Jury, with the help of the ELFs and DIA/Ts to compose a report that is published to the crew to explain the matter and its findings. Ongoing matters (lasting more than 6 months) must publish a progress report every six months.

This system of DIA/Ts and Juries evolved over time as a response to abuses during the Spreadheet Revolution.


DIA/Ts run analytical models of everything from power production to crop yields to crew morale. But being creatures of thought, and tied into every meter, gauge, and inventory control system on the ship, they need people to double check those measurements are actually accurate. These individuals are called "The Auditors." Any "adverse finding" reported to an auditor may not be used in a court of law. (The computers don't care about why their figures don't square, they just need the real figures.) But at the same time, obstructing an audit is the only death penalty left on the books.

All auditor findings are posted publicly. You may not tried criminally if your warehouse is mysteriously short of that luxury item you were in charge of distributing. But you better believe that people will read about exactly how many units you were shipped, how many actually got into the hands they were intended to get into, how many units were later located on the black market with their serial numbers filed off, and how much extra money you managed to spend above and beyond your stated income.

Some quip that old fashioned prisons are a luxury compared to living with a conviction tried in the court of public opinion. The ship may lack real sunlight, but there are still plenty of disinfectants.

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