In Worldbuilding with Friends: Resort World we discussed a pleasure planet with a dark side. I'm now taking a minute to actually place that planetoid in the world of Sublight.

Yisned is a city built on the remnants of an ISTO shipyard that was tethered to a near-earth crossing asteroid modeled on Eros. Actually, as names for planetoids go, maybe they would have just stuck with calling it "Eros". But... you know... branding. And the founder "Hugh Walters" wasn't keen on Waltersworld. Or Hugh's planet. So he just had a computer pull random arrangements of letters out until it produced a satisfying name.

Eros has an orbit that comes near to Earth's orbit, and out past Mars. This would have made it an ideal place during the early parts of ISTO's settlement strategy. Supplies and people could be shipped from Earth at favorable parts of planetoid's orbit. Completed spacecraft and colonies could be dropped off out past Mars orbit.

The asteroid itself has a mass of about 6.6e15 kg. The asteroid is an S-type, which is a mixed bag of materials. But there is plenty of metal (including iron), albeit in the form of silicates. Construction would have begun with a shipment of factory and refinery components from Earth. Over several orbits they would have constructed the shipyard and the settlement from local materials.

I have prepared a spreadsheet for the colony here.

For simplicity's sake, we'll say that this was built in the template of the original project Perseus stations. (Which would be replicated on Psyche.) The resort area is built inside a cylinder that is 330meters in radius. Its agriculture can support 250,000 people. Visitors from ISTO will notice that it's layout and systems are identical to the oldest cities on Psyche, including the capital of New Franklin.

Given the influx of travelers from Luna, a second level was added to provide 1/6 G.