Authors Notes
As a amateur Naval historian, it annoys me to no end when Star Trek or Star Wars goes off an invents ships out of nowhere. It's particularly inexcusable for Star Trek because the show is set on what is ostensibly a Naval Vessel. (Though whether Star Fleet is actually a Navy is a debate for another time).
For the Sublight Universe I aimed to do better. Each faction has a finite capacity to make new ships. Their existing fleets require continual maintenance. Every disruptive new technology causes decades of ripples in inventories. You also see surges in production immediately before and after wars.
I built a half-assed computer model in Microsoft Excel to track when ships are ordered, commissioned, destroyed, or retired. Each ship under construction occupies a graving yard until it is launched. I assume there is a massive delay in building the first ship to incorporate a disruptive new technology. I assume there is a moderate delay when a graving yard builds a new type of ship. After the first hull, I assume they can crank out ships more or less at a steady rate. That rate depends on the faction and the complexity of the vessel.
Krasnovia is a planned economy where "service guarantees citizenship". As such, the military is an important source of pride, political prestige, source of gainful employment, and a gateway to the franchise. The "success" of a project is measured in the jobs it creates, both in the armed forces and in the industrial complex. They like to focus on building overwhelming forces, or disruptive technologies.
Of course, unbeknownst to anyone save the most senior Krasnovian party leaders, the entire nation is managed and operated by network of artificial intelligences.
The dates used in this chronology are according to Metric Time. 6680 is around about 1945 A.D. The events happen in a parallel universe to ours that diverged in 1777.

Historical Timeline