A recurring joke in the Sublight universe is the popularity of a Folk musician Henry Germantown. His story is largely (inspired by|stolen from) the like and career of John Denver. Part of the joke will be that the songs have been adapted to life in space.

John wrote an awful lot of songs about Cowboys. I'm just taking that same frontier concept and applying it to Spacers. (Which has roughly the same meter). The general rules I use is to rewrite any references to dawn or sunset (spacers don't have those) and remove any references to airplanes (that technology never really took off.) Also, as the state of West Virginia and Colorado never existed, I did have to adapt those a bit. And where the songs talk about mountains I try to fit asteroids or some other astronomical body/scenic item around the solar system.

References to farms and normal human society (aside from using the sun to track time) are perfectly allowable.

Sublight Title Original Title Link
I'd Rather be a Spacer I'd Rather Be A Cowboy Lyrics
Leaving on a Spaceplane Leaving on a Jet Plane Lyrics
Thank God I'm a Spacer Boy Thank God I'm a Country Boy Lyrics
Rocky Mountain High Rocky Mountain High Lyrics

John Denver also had a bit of spiritual and at times Science-Fantasy bend to some songs. Many also simply talk about the human condition, and don't really have cultural references that don't need to be adapted:

Original Title Link
Looking for Space Album
Calypso Album