I have been working for several years now to develop a tabletop game along side of my novel series. Partly so I could possibly use some mechanics from the tabletop to improv story elements when I hit some writer's block, of I just get tired of yet another man at the door with a gun.

I have decided that the tabletop itself will be an offshoot of Fate Accellerated. But the solo mechanic/novel writer's friend is built around a Tarot deck of my own design. I've taken what I think are the most useful tables from the Mythic GM, the Universal NPC Emulator (UNE), and a few ideas from Ironsworn, and melded them with the magic system from my universe. The result is a 100 card deck chock full of random prompts for character high concepts, ad-libs for plot ideas, NPC motivations, and conversation starters.

The deck is currently designed to be printed out on US letter or Metric A4 card stock, and then chopped up with a paper cutter. (Or a pair of scissors if you are really a glutton for tedium.)

The deck itself is built around constellations and planets. The randomness is drawn from the location of objects around the sky. From Right Ascension I infer a direction and a color. From Declination I infer positivity or negativity. And the closer to the poles an object is, the greater it's positivity and negativity.

I'm happy to email folks a copy, just put in a request at sublight@etoyoc.com