Much of my work with tclhttpd, the httpd module , and Toadhttpd have been built around the concept that the web client is an inert consumer of data. Any fancy interactives or reports had to be spoon fed to the client as finished HTML from the server.

Yes, this concept is decades old, out of date, and stems from learning to develop web sites in the midst of the browser wars. But, finally after 15 years or so, I think I'm ready to stop being a grizzled shell-shocked veteren.

Today the norm is for a client to download a template of a page, and load in specific elements later via Jquery (or any other number of technologies.) A script on the page then adapts the content downloaded into it's final form.

Of course, there is still plenty of room in the ecosystem for a server to still sling dynamic content. But nowadays most of that dynamic content is in the form of XML or JSON data that feeds javascript.

I'll be playing in my next few blog posts at reformulating many of my web sites widgets as Javascript enabled players.

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