The second vessel constructed of the Gilgamesh class. EFV stands for Exploration Fusion Vehicle. (Referring to the Vessel's purpose and means of propulsion.)

As of March, 14 2080 the vessel is en-route from Sol system to the 18_Scorpii system. Communications to and from the craft between January 2081 and June 2170 are likely to be impossible due to time dialation.

Operational History

The Vehicle was ordered by a charter organization with the express goal of investigating the 18 Scorpii (Star System), establish a forward base of operations for the International Space Treaty Organization. This Organization raised funds for construction through a long-term fundraising campaign. Major donations were granted sponsorship oppertunities.

Crew Selection

The initial crew size was fixed at 900 individuals. This would allow for ample population growth for the 20 years the vessel was in transit to the mission location. The design capacity for the vessel is 2000 souls, after a projected 60 years of mission time.

Major sponsors were granted guaranteed placement of an individual (or their 16c2dade-3f2d-438a-aa2a-eb0c6f91c74e) as well as his or her immediate family on board for the mission. Specialists with hard to find skill sets were recruited through conventional means. Specialists could bring along immediate family. Non-specialist, non-sponsor crew were selected from a random lottery. Each lotto winner could also bring immediate family.

The only disqualifying conditions for applicants or family were:

The vehicle has a secondary objective to build a forward operating base for later missons from Sol. 20 years has been allocated from when the vessel arrives at 18 Scorpii to complete the primary and secondary missions. The carries on board enough materials and parts to construct a complete a Ceres Station sized habitat ring and shipbuilding facilities. The drones on board are dual purposed for scientific exploration and asteroid mining.

Notable Crew

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