I started an experiment on Facebook over the past few days where I solicit ideas, and let my friends and families have some fun with their imagination. In this session I asked:

Facebook friends, I need some ideas. In my science universe the protagonist's faction has a public/private partnership that manufactures the "standard rations" issues to space craft/school lunches/emergency stockpiles/college kid budget meals

I imagine they have some sort of budget for marketing and research. They also try gimmicks like packing a toy or collector card in the meals.

What would their advertising be like. And what are some of the more memorable disasters/successes be?

The meals are a bit like MREs here in our reality and I am picturing the tone to be somewhere between Spam and Breakfast cereal.

(Also, what are they called. and what else do they make?)

The feedback was spectactular. My brother-in-law, Nick started the thread awesomely:

Brother Nick

Name: TASTE brand foods "There’s always something to eat"

Everyone in this universe knows of the brand because it’s the oldest one out there.

-Memorable successes that they have supplied food rations to every grade level school on every planet for decades.

-Memorable disaster in that they are also funded/ran by the largest garbage collection agency in the sector, so everyone assumes the food processed has to do with that 🤣

That was pretty much "drop the mic" level. I can't add anything to that. It's perfect.