Now that I have the game world figured out, a few intriguing possibilities emerge. One is: what would it be like to play on a Krasnovian vessel? Or, say you wanted to sample what life would be like on a larger ship vs. a smaller ship? Or... a massive space station?

When I work out my procedural ship generator, which ship you are on could be made up on command. The types of crops and the relative intrusion of function vs. fancy are tunable. If I stick to interstellar ships which have to be their own space station, the template for the Gilgamesh class is more or less what any other ship would be. Physics and geometry drive you to that design. (And if you are fan of this blog you know that I've tried a lot of designs along the way.)

Ships with other functions though, will have a lot more room for variety.

A space station, which doesn't generally move, and needs ready communications with the docking area in the center, would not be broken into spheres at all. It would be built as a large torus. That torus will rotate to create gravity. Allocating space on a torus is more or less ensuring that you build one large enough to have the square footage you need. You would design a sky dome above the "floor" level, and run utilities below. Space wheels can move under thrust, but you have to keep the accelleration low lest you throw things around inside the ring.

Ships that don't maintain a long-term population wouldn't have a gravity ring at all. Small utility and patrol vessels would have an interior that assumes no gravity at all. A G-ship (be it a transport or capital ship) would be built assuming that the ship is in thrust. It would also have zero-G amenities for when the vessel is not in thrust.

Anywho, back to the point I was making. If I'm going to pick a game style, and if I want to leave room for swapping out the ship, it drives me toward on (out of a handful) of playing styles.

I had started down an exhaustive personal history with gaming, but thought better of it. Let's just say I'm going to try something that I believe to be unique in the gaming world, that is only made possibly by several technical decisions made in the design of the game engine. The vision of the game I have is a fusion of an old Zork text adventure with a modern HTML technology.

Location: Your Apartment (C-75-49-270), Living Room
You are in the living room of your apartment.

There is a furniture catalogue (read take) on your coffee table.