General Public

Information rated at General Public level are considered to either be:

First Aid, food preparation, reproductive education, basic finances, how to respond to shipboard hazards, etc. are all classified in the General Public category. As a rule, anything that is not specifically classified Specialist or above is considered General Public.


To be classified at a Specialist level, a specific harm must be cited for that information's misuse. It must also be shown that ignorance of this material does not produce a greater risk than its disclosure. Specialist training requires that anyone taking the material MUST demonstrate a mastery of the information afterwards.

Specialist information is not strictly limited to occupations. Individuals who wish to learn how to drive, or operate a high-powered Laser for hobbies are welcome to apply.

Information on a specialist level generally requires filling out a form where one expresses why they are interested in the material, and signing a pledge to complete the training, attending any required training sessions, and passing an exam afterwards. Completion of the exam issues the individual a license or certification.

Examples of Licensed information: Driving, Working in a Space suit, Firefighting, Electrical Work, Plumbing, Industrial Tool Operation.

Cleared Individual

Some information has to be restricted to people who have demonstrated they can be trusted not to misuse it. That trust is covered by one "Clearance" and generally falls into one of two forms:

Security Clearances

The ship is build on many technologies that were adapted from warships of the ISTON. Disclosure of this technology could reveal a tactical vulnerability of this vessel, or other vessels of ISTON. Disclosure could also allow foreign powers to leapfrog ISTON in technology. Other information could allow sabatuers or suicidal individuals to destroy the vessel.

Public Trust Clearances

Many fields require keeping private information in confidence, interacting with individuals who are in a vulnerable state, interacting with public funds, or trading in privileged information. Misuse of this trust leads to a breakdown of society.

Individuals obtain a Clearance to work in classified areas of the ship, enter into public office, or work in a position of trust. (I.e. Doctors, Teachers, Lawyers.) There are special classes of crimes dealing with individuals who have a Clearance and misuse it. A conviction for Self-dealing, extortion, or other felonious behavior can lead to a revocation of this license. Clearances can also be revoked by a doctor after a diagnoses of certain conditions (be them medical or psychological) that could leave an individual vulnerable to manipulation, suicide, or other loss of reality.

Supernatural Practitioner Licenses

Several technologies and training techniques can grant individuals supernatural powers. Some talents are innate. Some talents are granted by science. But regardless of the nature of a supernatural ability, misuse of an ability is punished in the same manner as a misuse of a clearance.


Information classified on an Expert level is only issued on a need-to-know basis. Information on an expert level is compartmentalized, with elaborate controls for how that information is stored, and accessed. To be classified on the Expert level, a clear harm from disclosure to then entire vessel or its population on board must be demonstrated.

Examples of Expert levels of classified information are: Encryption keys for communication systems, specific information about [REDACTED] on-board, ISTON Naval tactics, [REDACTED] and [REDACTED].