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Binaries tailored to macosx-cocoa-x86_64

Built and uploaded on Thu Oct 02 13:13:19 EDT 2014

Self contained executables
tkkit8.6Base kit with tk3618kb
tclkit8.6Base kit with no tk13910kb
zipkit.zipSourceable Zipfile0kb
sherpaThe Sherpa package manager6530kb
Config Files
odieConfig.shOdie Configuration Paramters (sh readable)3kb
odieConfig.tclOdie Configuration Paramters (tcl readable)2kb
tclConfig.shTcl Configuration Paramters (sh readable)8kb
tkConfig.shTk Configuration Paramters (sh readable)4kb
toadkit8.6Batteries included binary1505kb
bipkgs.zipBatteries included packages (zipvfs without binary)7316kb
manifest.txtPackage List16kb