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cmdr::help::json(n) 1.1.1 doc "Cmdr, a framework for command line parsing and dispatch"


cmdr::help::json - Cmdr - Formatting help as JSON object

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  • package require cmdr::help::json


Welcome to the Cmdr project, written by Andreas Kupries.

For availability please read Cmdr - How To Get The Sources.

This package provides a single command implementing the help format json. This format generates help in the form of a nested JSON object containing all details of the command hierarchy, including internals.

To activate the format simply

    package require cmdr::help::json

it. Nothing more is needed.

Bugs, Ideas, Feedback

Both the package(s) and this documentation will undoubtedly contain bugs and other problems. Please report such at Cmdr Tickets.

Please also report any ideas you may have for enhancements of either package(s) and/or documentation.


arguments, command hierarchy, command line completion, command line handling, command tree, editing command line, help for command line, hierarchy of commands, interactive command shell, optional arguments, options, parameters, processing command line, tree of commands