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freeWrap 6.63
Released April 19, 2014

Builds stand-alone TCL/TK executables. No compiler required!


Use it as a single-file WISH shell

hosted by:

* 32 and 64-bit versions available *

Major Features

One-step creation of binary executable programs from TCL or TCL/TK scripts
Can be used as a single-file version of TCL/TK
Cross-platform binary program generation
Read and write ZIP archives from freeWrap or your wrapped binaries
Several additional Windows-specific features
No license fees


FreeWrap distributions are freely available for Linux and Windows operating systems. Each distribution contains both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of freeWrap. Instructions and source code for building freeWrap on these platforms are included in the freeWrap source code distribution. See the Downloads table to retrieve these packages.
Included with freeWrap are the tcllib and tklib libraries as well as the Tktable extension.
TCL-only versions of freeWrap for creating binaries from TCL (non-TK) scripts are included in the distributions.

Feature Details

The freewrap program turns TCL/TK scripts into single-file binary executable programs.

The resulting program can be distributed to machines that do not have TCL/TK installed. The executable will also work on machines that have TCL/TK installed but will use its own TCL/TK "image". FreeWrap itself does not need TCL/TK installed to run.

Easy, one-step wrapping.

FreeWrap consists of a single executable file. There is no setup required. Wrapping is accomplished with a single command.

A TCL-only version, freewrapTCLSH, is also included

FreewrapTCLSH works with TCL scripts and is similar in usage to the freewrap program.

Shared libraries can be used with your wrapped programs.

FreeWrapped applications can load TCL/TK shared library extensions that have been compiled with the STUBS interface.

Your wrapped programs can be customized with your own window icons.

The Windows version of freeWrap can incorporate your own customized icon into your wrapped application.

No license fees for wrapped programs.

There are no license fees associated with freeWrap. See the freeWrap documentation for license details.

Cross-platform generation of programs is supported.

The -w "wrap using" option allows cross-platform creation of wrapped applications without the use of the target computer system.

freeWrap includes several Windows-specific commands.

These commands can be used to determine the location of Windows' special directories, easily create file extension associations and shortcuts.

freeWrap includes commands for ZIP file creation and extraction.

Due to freeWrap's use of the ZIP Virtual File System any ZIP archive can be opened so its contents look like a simple file subdirectory. The archive's files are automatically decompressed when read with TCL commands.

The makeZIP command allows creation and modification of ZIP archives from within your freeWrapped application.

History - current revision = 6.63

Changes for version 6.63 (04/19/2014)

  1. Wrapping across operating systems has been corrected:

    1. between 32-bit and 64-bit Linux

    2. from Windows to Linux

  2. Temporary file names used by freeWrap during the wrapping process have been modified to prevent possible collision with existing file names. This will prevent the possibility of overwriting of an existing file during wrapping.

  3. The ::freewrap::makeZIP command can now be used more than once. Previously, the first usage of the command worked while subsequent use failed with an error.

  4. Options have been added to the freeWrap command line that allow the user to control the amount of compression performed on the wrapped files. See the freeWrap documentation for details.

  5. The tcllib package included in freeWrap has been updated to version 1.16 and is located at the virtual directory of /tcllib1.16.

  6. The -i option can now be used to change the program icon when performing a cross-wrap with the -w option.

Review all change history

Learn more

Read the freeWrap documentation.


These latest downloads are available from 6.63

The distributions contain both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of freeWrap.



Windows distribution of freeWrap version 6.63.

Includes both freewrap and freewrapTCLSH. Unzip this file to install freewrap 6.63 on Windows.


Linux distribution of freeWrap version 6.63

Decompress and unTAR this file to install freeWrap 6.63 on Linux.


freeWrap version 6.63 source distribution in compressed TAR format for building 32-bit and 64-bit Linux and Windows programs.

Some previous revisions of freeWrap are also available from the same location:

This page last updated April 19, 2014

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