The "new" command:

Usage: fossil new ?OPTIONS? FILENAME
   or: fossil init ?OPTIONS? FILENAME

Create a repository for a new project in the file named FILENAME.
This command is distinct from "clone".  The "clone" command makes
a copy of an existing project.  This command starts a new project.

By default, your current login name is used to create the default
admin user. This can be overridden using the -A|--admin-user

By default, all settings will be initialized to their default values.
This can be overridden using the --template parameter to specify a
repository file from which to copy the initial settings.  When a template
repository is used, almost all of the settings accessible from the setup
page, either directly or indirectly, will be copied.  Normal users and
their associated permissions will not be copied; however, the system
default users "anonymous", "nobody", "reader", "developer", and their
associated permissions will be copied.

   --template      FILE         Copy settings from repository file
   --admin-user|-A USERNAME     Select given USERNAME as admin user
   --date-override DATETIME     Use DATETIME as time of the initial check-in
   --sha1                       Use a initial hash policy of "sha1"

DATETIME may be "now" or "YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS.SSS". If in
year-month-day form, it may be truncated, the "T" may be replaced by
a space, and it may also name a timezone offset from UTC as "-HH:MM"
(westward) or "+HH:MM" (eastward). Either no timezone suffix or "Z"
means UTC.

See also: clone