The "wiki" command:

Usage: fossil wiki (export|create|commit|list) WikiName

Run various subcommands to work with wiki entries or tech notes.

   fossil wiki export PAGENAME ?FILE?
   fossil wiki export ?FILE? -t|--technote DATETIME|TECHNOTE-ID

      Sends the latest version of either a wiki page or of a tech note
      to the given file or standard output.
      If PAGENAME is provided, the wiki page will be output. For
      a tech note either DATETIME or TECHNOTE-ID must be specified. If
      DATETIME is used, the most recently modified tech note with that
      DATETIME will be sent.

   fossil wiki (create|commit) PAGENAME ?FILE? ?OPTIONS?

      Create a new or commit changes to an existing wiki page or
      technote from FILE or from standard input. PAGENAME is the
      name of the wiki entry or the timeline comment of the

        -M|--mimetype TEXT-FORMAT   The mime type of the update.
                                    Defaults to the type used by
                                    the previous version of the
                                    page, or text/x-fossil-wiki.
                                    Valid values are: text/x-fossil-wiki,
                                    text/markdown and text/plain. fossil,
                                    markdown or plain can be specified as
                                    synonyms of these values.
        -t|--technote DATETIME      Specifies the timestamp of
                                    the technote to be created or
                                    updated. When updating a tech note
                                    the most recently modified tech note
                                    with the specified timestamp will be
        -t|--technote TECHNOTE-ID   Specifies the technote to be
                                    updated by its technote id.
        --technote-tags TAGS        The set of tags for a technote.
        --technote-bgcolor COLOR    The color used for the technote
                                    on the timeline.

   fossil wiki list ?OPTIONS?
   fossil wiki ls ?OPTIONS?

      Lists all wiki entries, one per line, ordered
      case-insensitively by name.

        -t|--technote               Technotes will be listed instead of
                                    pages. The technotes will be in order
                                    of timestamp with the most recent
        -s|--show-technote-ids      The id of the tech note will be listed
                                    along side the timestamp. The tech note
                                    id will be the first word on each line.
                                    This option only applies if the
                                    --technote option is also specified.

DATETIME may be "now" or "YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS.SSS". If in
year-month-day form, it may be truncated, the "T" may be replaced by
a space, and it may also name a timezone offset from UTC as "-HH:MM"
(westward) or "+HH:MM" (eastward). Either no timezone suffix or "Z"
means UTC.