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Tcl-Fastcgi README

FastCGI interface for Tcl 8.3 and up

Copyright 1998-2004 Tom Poindexter,  all rights reserved

Tcl-Fastcgi is distributed under a "BSD" style license.  
See the file 'LICENSE.TERMS' for details.


  see for web info

WHAT IS Tcl-Fastcgi?

Tcl-Fastcgi is a Tcl interface for the FastCGI protocol.  Fcgi.tcl is designed 
to work with Tcl 8.3 and up.  Tcl-Fastcgi comes in two flavors: 

     -- a Tcl source version which is written in 100% pure Tcl, 
        optionally using the Extended Tcl (TclX) extension for certain 
        types of FastCGI connections.

     -- a Tcl C extension version, which uses library code from the
        FastCGI Developer's kit.

Each flavor provides the same programming interface for application programs.
See the file INSTALL for more information about the two flavors.

FastCGI is a protocol to allow CGI-style programs to be started as a server, 
avoiding the CGI overhead of process creation and program loading.  FastCGI 
servers can be run on the same machine as your web server, or run on different
machines.  For more details on FastCGI, see: 

The FastCGI developer's kit ( contains interfaces for Tcl 7.4.
Unfortunately, that interface have never been updated for newer versions of 
Tcl.  Tcl-Fastcgi was written to keep up with the lastest Tcl releases.


 Tcl 8.3 or Tcl 8.4

 FastCGI Developer's kit
	fcgi-2.4.0.tar.gz or newer,  is required to build the 
	C extension flavor:

 A Web server supporting the FastCGI protocol:  
	Apache 1.2.x or higher, using the mod_fastcgi 2.0.9 module
		also see 'mod_apache1.2.5.pat'
	NCSA 1.5 /w FastCGI support
	Netscape /w FastCGI  support
	Open Market Web Server
	Stronghold Web Server
	Bluestone Sapphire/Web Server
	(or any other server that supports FastCGI)

 Highly Recommended:

 cgi.tcl - The fine CGI support package by Don Libes.  I can't say enough
	good things about this package.  If you're writing CGI in Tcl, you
	need this!

  ncgi.tcl - from the Tcllib

** Tcl-fastcgi has only been tested with:
  Apache 2.0.48, with mod_fastcgi 2.4.0 under Windows.

Please mail me on using Tcl-fastcgi with other servers, and I'll add to this list.

See the file INSTALL. 
Quickie version: ./configure --prefix=/same/as/tcl; make install-tcl-src

See the man page for Tcl-fastcgi, and the NOTES file.  Html, text, and 
Postscript versions of the man page are in ./doc

I've only tested Tcl-fastcgi in the role of RESPONDER.  Other FastCGI roles
include AUTHORIZER and FILTER.  Please let me know if you use either of
these roles.

A mailing list is active for FastCGI issues.  Go to


Please mail to me at:
Please be sure to identify which flavor of tcl-fastcgi you are using!  And
any other relevant information such as web server, etc.