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Artifact ID: 4e588ad953e9b35481d9a7cd17f05babefe12006
Page Name:TclOO Package
Date: 2016-09-17 13:58:57
Original User: dkf
Parent: ab32e065a01c255ce0e71be0b1c1deca15106251

The TclOO Package is an implementation of TclOO for Tcl 8.5. It allows users to write code against TclOO without using Tcl 8.6, and originally started out as a way to progress implementation of TclOO without being tightly bound to the Tcl core. The implementation in Tcl 8.6 was later developed from this package's source.


The versioning of this package is defined by this policy: each new development release of Tcl 8.6 will correspond to another step on the versioning of TclOO towards 1.0; Tcl 8.6.0 will be mapped exactly to TclOO 1.0. Tcl 8.6b1 corresponded to TclOO 0.6.

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