Open Design and Integration Environment

Open Design and Integration Environment
Bounty program for improvements to Tcl and certain Tcl packages.
Tcl 2018 Conference, Houston/TX, US, Oct 15-19
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Welcome to the Open Design and Integration Environment (ODIE). ODIE is an object oriented suite of tools, written in Tcl/Tk (and sometimes C). The system was originally designed to set up and run intranet style applications quickly and cleanly. It has since evolved into an application development suite.

The concept of ODIE is that each developer needs his/her own "sandbox" to play in. When developing for bleeding edge versions of Tcl/Tk (or its extensions) the default behavior of autoconf is to install the resulting binaries in a system-wide location. While Windows does not have a native Tcl/Tk, this behavior can be a disaster on Unix-like systems where many vendor bundled systems rely on a native Tcl/Tk distribution with a pile of vendor specific quirks, bugs, and compiled in assumptions.

ODIE attempts to provide a common set of scripts and methodologies for building one's own private sandbox.

Here is a quick outline of the resources available on this website: